Sunday, 11 August 2019

    Mummy Adun Akinyemiju's ministration

    Mummy Adun Akinyemiju
    Running our Homes in Him
    We bless God for Thursday’s ministration as mummy took us on why marriages fail and what we need to do.
    What are your reasons for marriage?
    Review your reasons for marriage.
    • ·        Are your reasons for the purpose of God’s Kingdom?
    Key points
    • ·        You need to change your mentality and drop the charges against your husband because it is all about God.
    • ·        Loose yourself to God so that you can draw strength to deal with your husband.
    • ·        Don’t spend more time in Church than you spend with God.
    • ·        Draw strength and power from the cross and dissipate to your environment.
    • ·        Women are meant to keep house.
    • ·        Take intercession seriously
    Reasons for marriage
    • ·        Marriage is about God Genesis 2:23-25
    • ·        Have dominion as couple
    Why does marriage fail?
    The enemy struck in Genesis 3-16
    In 1john 2-15-16, we see the reasons why marriage fail.
    • ·        Lust of the flesh
    • ·        Lust of eyes
    • ·        Pride of life
    How to avoid failed marriage
    • ·        The Home is God’s kingdom place
    • ·        God should be the basis of your home
    Why you need to stop judging your husbands
    • ·        It is not your blood that saved them
    • ·        You are not the Holy Spirit
    • ·        You are not their creator

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