Monday, 18 February 2019

    Topic:Complete In Him
    Colossians 2:10

    Complete simply means having all the necessary parts. That is we have everything in Christ.
    When he created us, He made us complete in Him.
     God doesn't want us to be a Spiritual giant and then sick in our mind, body.

    What does God expects us to do be filled all over.
    - Be filled with the Holy spirit (Acts 1:4&8)
    - Renew your mind - It is not negotiable (Romans 12:1-2)
    - Fasting (Isaiah 58:8)
    - Praying in the spirit- Ist Cor. 14:15
    - Self Talk - Prophesy the scripture concerning your life 
    - Be joyful. Everything He does is through the medium of joy.
    Draw joy from the word of God. Jeremiah 15:6, Isaiah 12:13.

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