Wednesday, 12 September 2018

    Ministration by Mummy Edith

    Good Evening Everyone
    I trust that we had an awesome time in the presence of the Lord today.
    We bless God for Mummy Edith for guiding us through the Word of God. We pray that  the anointing of the Lord upon your life will never run dry.
     Today we were all involved in the ministration as  we were allowed to give our opinions with Bible references concerning the five points below. It was really an time to learn and be revived.
    Topic: Arise and Shine
    1. GOD is the sole giver of glory that makes all to arise.
    2.  The more of GOD in you the more of HIS glory that you get.
    3. The more you spend time with GOD, the more of his light and glory you get
    4. GOD is set in inputting glory into us.
    5. Process of rising and shining: get the light of GOD, this in turn moves you into HIS presence and results into your shinning.
     We concluded that, we have to know the Sole giver of glory first before He can manifest his glory in our lives and how do we know him? By being determined to study the Word of God and following all that He commands us to do.
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