Friday, 3 November 2017

    Is My Name Written In The Book Of Life (Rev, Dr E.D. Hinmikaiye)

    We Thank God For An Adorable Ministration.
    Topic: Is My Name Written In The Book Of Life
    Minister:Rev, Dr E.D. Hinmikaiye.
    Texts: Rev 20:15, Rev 17:8, Rev 21:27, Rev 13:8
    It’s Very Important We Know Our Identity With God Because The Kingdom Of God Is Very Real Therefore We Need To Examine Ourselves (Lam 3:40)
    The Topic Leads Us To Our Identity In Christ
    Identity Means Distinct Personality
    We Must Understand What Our Identity In Christ Is.
    Consequences Of Not Knowing Ones Identity With God
    ·         Problem Persist Because We Do Not Understand Our Identity In Christ
    ·         The Plan And Purpose For One’s Life Will Not Be Accessed
    ·         It Will Affect One’s Relationship With God
    Reason For Identity In Christ
    ·         To Have More Knowledge About God
    ·         Salvation In Christ
    ·         Redemption
    ·         Determines The Importance Of God For One’s Life
    ·         Obedience To The World Of God Becomes Easier And Fruitful
    ·         Promises Will Be Fulfilled
    ·         Level Of Faith Depends On The Knowledge With Christ
    ·         Affects Our Manifeststion With God Positively
    ·         Affect The Level Of Compassion For Our Souls
    ·         Affect Ones Life In Christ Positively _

    Open Heaven
    This Refers To Time Of Abundance, When Hinderance Of Blessing Are Over, Time Of God’s Visitation.
    Prayers On Open Heaven 
    ·         Every Arrow In My Life Jump Out
    ·         Lord By Your Mercy , Let My Heaven Open And Let Me Experience My Revival
    ·         The Cord Of Blood Line Of Collective Captivity, Break By Asunder
    ·         I Access My Greatness And Meaningful  Connections
    ·         The Yoke Of Stagnation, Limitation And Reproach Are Consumed By Fire
    Prophetic Ministry
    ·         Light Of God Has Come Into Your Darkness
    ·         Deception Of Satanic Agent Has Been Ended
    ·         Yoke Of Empty Promises Has Been Destroyed
    ·         Smile Has Overcome Worriness
    ·         Job Opportunities
    ·         Hatred And Casting Out Has Ended.
    ·         Rose Has Been Set Free
    In Conclusion, Subject To Our Identity With God . We Must Be Save, Born Again And Be Kingdom Ready With God.

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