Thursday, 27 July 2017

    Serving God In Difficult Times

    Minister: Pst Mrs Adeyemo
    Topic: Serving God In Difficult Times

     Bible Text: John6:70, job13:15, John 6:68.

    • We serve a God that reverses situations and whatever He has done before He will do it again and

    • It's about the assignment, not just the prayer, whatever you are going through, should not disturb God's assignment that has been given to you.

    • Don't wait till a convenient time before you do God's assignment.

    • Serving God in difficult times such as when we are facing financial, marital, spiritual and emotional problems etc.

    • We are serving a God that can reverse all situations no matter how terrible they are.

    • We should begin to desire good things in our heart.

    • We need to change our mindset in order to make things work for us.

    • We should not limit God with our action or our imagination.

    • We should create time to carry God's glory

    • It is through our contact with God that we will carry the Grace of God

    • When we have God everything that is in the hands of God is ours,so even in difficult times we should not forsake Him

    • Let our hearts be close to Him.

    • When we have God in us there is no door that can close against us.

    • Naomi wasn't expecting anything good but she went back to God, l let us learn for her.

    • Job lost everything he has but God reversed job's situation job13:15

    God is looking for those who will serve Him in truth and in spirit, so no matter the difficult situation we find ourselves let's be like Job and cling on to God. The grace we need to keep serving Him in difficult times He will grant unto us in Jesus name. Amen!
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