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"Kingdom Women Ministries, given by God, directed by His divine
Holy Spirit and purposed to advance the Kingdom through correct
teaching, organization and accountable leadership. We have come
face to face with this burden because of the need that griped our
hearts and the experiences we have come through as women of
the gospel of Jesus Christ."
                                                                    Minister Debra Irons-El, Visionary
                                                                            Kingdom Women Ministries

K   W
Kingdom Women Ministries
A Vision to strengthen, develop, and encourage women in ministry

A ministry committed to assisting women in walking worthy of their calling by knowledge, understanding, and encouragement in the gospel of Jesus Christ.


To strengthen and develop healthy Christian women who are active/inactive in ministry.


To reach and teach women called to the ministry by providing an annual                    conference for licensed and ordained women, and those called to the ministry.

Tithe into the kingdom of God by giving to other ministries and/or missions after              each conference.

Sponsor regular systematic instruction by providing bi-monthly educational and                motivational workshops, and seminars.

Provide ministry clarity, understanding by holding a vision and leadership retreat              for Kingdom Women Ministries leaders.