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    January 2020

    January was a blessed month for us as our topic for the month was POWER TO RECEIVE. 
    We had different ministers that took us in the four weeks and below is the summary: 

    Mrs. Bukola Ajoku
    Topic: Power to deliver
    Text:  Acts 1:8
    When we have power, there are some things that have to leave in our lives because they cannot work along with what God has called us to do.

    There are some things that hold and slow us down that we need to be delivered from to work more efficiently for God.

    •  Maximizing our strength in the place of prayer – Philippians 4 : 6-7.
      •    Allow God to work through us through the place of prayer.
      •     Rather than complain to man, complain the God your father directly.
    •  Receive power to refuse fear.
      •      Stop worrying .
      •         As women, we must build our confidence.
      •         Whatever you want from God, ensure that you sow a seed of offering and claim it.
      •  Receive power to stand up.
    •   Receive power to deliver you from the spirit of covetousness.
      •      You need to understand that you are running your race and not another person.
    • Receive power to move forward.
    •  Receive power to stop living in “what if”.
    • Pray against every procrastination this year.


    • Lord let my heaven be opened
    •  Lord, let there be clarity in my affairs 
    • Lord, open my ear so I can be hearing from you.
    • Lord, give light to my business
    • Lord, quicken my spirit ma
    •  I receive power

    Topic: Power to Breakthrough (Acts 1:8)
    Minister: Mrs. Emeka-Frederick

    Can you become a means of breakthrough to someone else? (1 chronicles 14: 10-11)
    Breakthrough is to break forth, it is a turn around, it is to progress. (Deuteronomy 8:16)

    •    God meets with us in the place of waiting
    •    When you tarry in the presence of God, He would release His power in you
    •    You have to know Him.
    •    In the place of authority, miracle happens there. You need to take your place with God.
    •    The power of God comes with boldness. Acts 2:1-5
    •    There is power deposited in you as a child of God. If God gives you an assignment, please do it.
    •    Humble yourself and say Lord, here I am
    •    Ask God to do with you what He wants so that lost souls may return to Him
    •    You are here not by yourself. You are here for His purpose.
    •    God cannot send you without depositing something in you.
    •    If you wait on the Lord, He would do wonders in your life.
    •    Breakthrough comes from God alone (Zechariah 4:6)
    •    You have to be a woman of obedience of the word of God before He can bless you and before you can start doing great exploits

    •    Lord, my head would not be put to shame.
    •    I receive the power to bring forth and to do all good things in the name of Jesus
    •    Lord, grant me the grace to wait on you. (2 Corinthians 6:14-15 )
    •    Lord, increase your power in me.

    ministration by Mrs Bimbo Edwin.
    Topic: Power to Stand in difficult times
    Texts: Acts 1:8, Luke 24:49

    The power doesn’t just comes to you but it comes when you are ready. It comes after waiting in expectations.

    Weapons to use in difficult times
    •    Pray in the Spirit when you find yourself in difficult situation. Isaiah 30:15. If you don’t have the power of God in you, you can’t fight any battles.
    •    Don’t keep talking and nagging about your situation but be in communion with God. Isaiah 30:15
    •    Seek Godly counsel

    Key points
    •    When you don’t use godly weapons during difficult times, you are prone to fear. Fear brings torment, anger and pains.
    •    The Bible should be your manual for life issues
    •    Know that there is no limitation to what God can do or to receiving from Him.
    •    A woman of power doesn’t live for herself alone.
    •    Don’t give up in any situation that you find yourself.
    •    Our God is not an author of confusion, He will go ahead and prepare a way for us.
    •    Don’t SIT DOWN, keep moving, keep going and don’t look at your circumstance.
    •    People watch you when you are in a situation and they have a higher expectation when you are a child of God.
    •    Learn to say thank you to God whenever you are in any situation because you are not alone.
    •    Reject negative verdicts from the doctors.
    •    You must not be tired of praying unto God. Pray until you see result.
    •    Victory will not come when you cannot wait.

    ministration led by Mrs. Dinyo and the Prayer session by Mummy.
    Topic: Power for healing

    Key Points
    •    Christianity is a great confession
    •    Power is the ability to do work
    •    The power is all about the Holy Spirit and for the Holy Spirit to move you have to die to self by giving your totality to God.
    •    You need the Word to be able to witness
    •    Don’t take possession of things that doesn’t belong to you (diabetics, pains, etc.) Revelations 12:11
    •    If you don’t know how to pray, you would be facing crisis.
    •    You have to be radical about your Christianity
    •    Tell good tales about God rather than exalt the devil (MAGNIFY GOD AND NOT PROBLEMS, MAGNIFY GOD AND NOT THE DEVILS).
    •    Always pray in the dimension of provision and not in the realm of the problem
    •    Study the word and die daily
    Practice what you preach.

    Prayer points
    •    Spirit of anger and bitterness, impatients, over talking in my life, you are not part of me, die in the name of Jesus
    •    Every impure thoughts and lust die in Jesus name.
    •    Romans 8:11
    •    I receive good health and be an avenue to heal people

    3 things we need to remove in our lives to avoid barriers
    •    Rules and regulations
    •    Religion
    •    Restrictions

    Romans 8:11
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