Monday, 5 August 2019


     Mummy A. Akinyemiju.
    Topic: Running our Homes IN HIM
    Text: Titus 2:1
    We bless God for the powerful Ministration on Thursday, 1st of August as Mummy took us on how we should run our homes as Kingdom Women.
    Every woman that walk in Him(Jesus) would have a better life.

    How can we run our homes in Him?
    • ·        Begin to pray in the Spirit. You need to begin to pray in the Spirit of God and not of flesh.(3 John 2, John 10:10)
    • ·        Have Godly friends.
    • ·        Pray light into your realm. John 1:1-4
    Praying the right prayers matters. God has a need. As such:
    • ·        Always magnify God and not the problems
    • ·        Don’t take God for granted
    • ·        What are your plans? Are they Godly?
    •    Be close to your children and let them pray with you
    • ·        What mark are you leaving behind?
    According to Genesis 1: 26-28, the creation of mankind was to have dominion and take charge spiritually and physically.

    The home is God’s Kingdom idea (genesis 2 vs 21-25). God originated marriage and expects unity and oneness. Therefore, the reason for marriage should not be love but the Kingdom purpose for marriage. (Malachi 2:14-16, Isaiah 51:8).

    Stop judging your husbands by your standards but pray for him

    The baggage we go into marriage with that can affect our marriage negatively:
    • ·        Flesh: Unforgiveness, jealousy, pride, etc.
    • ·        Self
    • ·        Tradition
    • ·        Worldly standards: finances
    Advice for the single ladies:

    • Be expectant you are going to run your home in Him.
    • Pray for a man that will allow you be who God wants you to be.
    • We need to pray against those baggage if not they will ruin our marriage. 
    • Raise an altar of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost everywhere you find yourself..
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