Friday, 31 August 2018

    Pastor Mrs Adeyemo's Ministration

    We Thank God For Wonderful Ministration
    Minister:  Pastor Mrs Adeyemo
    Theme; Awake My Glory
    ·        Soul has to do with Glory , there is no way your soul is cast down that your will rise up your soul must be joyful.
    ·         See reasons to praise to God and be excited about God
    ·         Don’t let anything change your perception about  God
    ·         God can do anything for certain people and will not do certain thing for some people
    ·         No matter what you go through don’t stop  worshipping God
    ·     David and Joseph went through issues among their siblings because they want to do their fathers bidding but they still love God
    ·         Receive the grace that still please God no matter what you go through.
    ·         See God in everything even if it is unpleasant because God is everywhere
    ·         Have intimate relevant to God
    ·         Always do good
    ·         Praise God and worship him
    ·         Giving and complete obedience
    ·         Holiness.

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