Friday, 31 August 2018

    Mummy A. Akinyemiju's ministration

    We bless God for yesterday's ministration
    Minister: Mummy A. Akinyemiju
    Topic: My shield
    Text: psalm  3:3
    Points to be considered
    ■ Everyone must understand the vision of the Kingdom women in which one  of the vision is to draw women to a deep and meaningful relationship with God.
    ■ We must see God for who He His to us and not for what we can get from him.
    • What has God become to us?
    ■ As Kingdom seekers we need to understand that God's Kingdom is everything to us.
    ■ Our life must be affecting someone and something for the kingdom of God.
    ■ We need to be a carrier of God and it is important for us know who God is and also know who you are in the Lord
    ■ we also need to know and acknowledge that God is our strength and peace.
    ■ There must be an increase in us when we are in Christ?
    ■ We should put on the armor of God so we should be able to stand. Ephesians 6:11
    ■ Anything we are doing that is not in line with the word of God is in vain.
    ■ What are the things that makes up the armor of God ?
    • truth
    • breastplate of righteousness
    • Shield of faith
    • Helmet of salvation
    • Sword of the Spirit which is the word of God
    *Let the word of God lives in you and make you have good success (Joshua 1: 8 )
    ■ Types of arrow
    • satanic arrow
    • afflictions

    ■ Let there be sensitivity in the things of the Lord,increase the value of life  of God  in you
    IN CONCLUSION:The life of God in us is a shield ,it will be a defense for us.(psalms 62: 2)
    ■ Prayers
    •Lord revive  me , in my spirit and my prayer life
    •Rededicate your life to God, Lord grant me grace to relate more with you.
    •Lord become my shield,my strength and my light. (Psalms 27: 1)
    •Every tongue that raise against me and my family shall be condemned
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