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    Theme: Awake My Glory

    Theme: Awake My Glory
    Topic:  Restored Glories
    Text: Psalm 57:8
    Restoration is the action of returning something to the former owner, or to receive back more than what has been lost to the person, the act of renewal or restablishment.
    Glory multiplies you, it showcase you. It’s a seed in you that cannot be hidden.
    ·         (Nick Vujuec: An Australian Evangelist born without arms and limbs) I know for certain that God does not make mistake but he does make miracle. I am going to continue trying because the moment I gave up is the moment of failure.
    ·         Joyce Meyer : A preacher , she was abused , she said when you know jesus you begin an amazing journey into Gods plan for your life, it’s time to take the first step.
    ·         Joniakeem (Totally Paralysed Leg Down) she said wisdom is trusting God not asking why God.
    ·         Hanah (1 Samuel, 1 -28)  Recovered her glory and fruitfulness through an encounter with God at shilo. She was certain to know God’s need and she meant Gods need.
    ·         The women with the issue of blood(mark 5.25-34) she recovered the glory of her health after 12 years of affliction
    ·         Rehab recovered her glory from been the harlot to became the great grandmother of the messaiah
    ·         John 5 1-9. The glory of the man at the pool of bethsaidah was grounded for 38 years but the king of glory restored back merely by the word of God.
    ·         2 king 5 1-4 (leprosy turn the glory of Naaman to shame but the God of Israel reversed it with single demonstration of humility and obedience from him to know his healing came miraculously by the grace of God and power of  God through the word of his prophet.
    ·         Barthlomew. It was blindness that twitted his glory but God reversed and restored it.
    ·         John 4. The Samaritan woman,  Jesus restored to a right relationship with himself, she became a great evangelist

    Characteristics of Restored Glory
    ·         The manifested the fruit of the spirit
    ·         They are prayerful, filled and sensitive to the holyspirit, they hear God , obey, trust , have faith in God and exercise faith and commitment to God
    ·         They seek God earnestly
    ·         They are ready to go through challenges
    ·         They love God and his word
    ·         In conclusion, we should be prayerful, do away with the work of the flesh and be filled and work in the fruit of the spirit.
    ·         Be full of word of God so that you will not be fooled by the world.

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