Saturday, 2 June 2018

    Minister: Mrs Ajoku Theme: Awake my Glory.

    All glory to God for Spirit filled Ministration
    Minister: Mrs Ajoku
    Theme: Awake my Glory
    Topic : Restoring Glory.
    The ministration was referenced by outlining 3 different stories from the bible.
    1st Story: Esther 18:20.
    Esther was an orphan trained by Modicah  his uncle. Esther’s brother was a gateman to the king of Jew. The lord made a turnaround in her life.  Esther (star) was a diamond in the dust.
    A problem happened in the land which caused Esther to find favor not because she was the most beautiful and elegant lady but all arrangement was made by God who already knows what we are before we were formed.
    Modicah being a father to esther means worship. A STAR is living with worship.
    Things to Note and prayers
    ·         Our glory is embedded in the worship of the lord.
    ·         I awake all lost glory in our lives
    ·         Modicah was blessed and decorated by some men who planned for him to be put to death
    ·         Many times you quarrel with God that things are not working out well but remember that God’s plan for you is unshakable.

    2nd Story. Luke 13-10:11)
    ·         God awake the glory of Gabonah, she went through 18years in Arteritis .
    ·         Problems arise when she wanted to awake his glory for that day was a Sabbath day , Hence people were talking that Jesus cannot heal him on sabbath day but Jesus touched and healed him
    ·         Problem and circumstances’ usually arise to bent us over but we must overcome.
    ·         I pray that God will save us from every bent situation in our lives and set us free and resurrect us.
    ·         Each lives has fraud which serve as an obstacle to our glory
    ·         God will expose and destroy every fraud of our lives
    ·         Put up the reaction for your glory to be restored. What is your reaction?

    3rd Story
    Saul and David
    ·         David was a shepherd boy who finds favors and started staying in the house of Saul
    ·         Saul became jealous of him being a victor and conqueror all the time in warfront and wanted to kill him.
    ·         The song “Saul killed a thousand while David killed 10 ten thousand” made Saul became more furious thereby planned with her daughters to kill David
    ·         But God revived David with Micah ( 2nd daughter of Saul) fell in love with David and expose his father’s plan
    ·         Know who you are in the lord
    ·         Taking our possession
    ·         Reading and acting in the direction of God’s word  
    ·         Forgive us in every area we have taken negligence to our glory
    ·         Awake my Glory In Jesus name

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