Monday, 5 February 2018

    Pastor Mrs Egbebunmi: Let there be light. Genesis I :3

    We blessed God for yesterday’s ministration
    Minister by : Pastor Mrs Egbebunmi
    Theme: Let there be light
    Text: Genesis I :3
    She began her ministration by saying Light is very important and enumerated in the  following.
    •           The first thing God created  was light
    •           Light  is in form of energy, it has seven colors
    •           Light always destroys darkness and one major characteristic of light is brightness
    •           The creation of the world is enough to show the greatness of God
    •           We are to stand out in the midst of darkness
    •           We are to brighten the world
    •           As kingdom women we have to shine as light, we have to influence our world positively
    •           We must allow the light of God in us to show forth and radiate to destroy  darkness.
    •           As a believer we are to brighten the Corner where ever we are
    Three ways we can live as children of light.
    1.         Counter cultural (Romans 13:12)
    People should distinguish us from the unbelievers ,our behavior must be able to show the light of God in us. We should stop living in darkness (Galatians 5) and  live a different life.
    2.         Put yourself out there (Matthew 5 :16A) We must let our light shine so that men can see and glorify our father in heaven.  As children of God we must not hide our light, let it illuminate your environment, we are meant to affect lives positively for the kingdom.
    3.         Always point back to the light source. Jesus Christ is our light source(Matthew 5:16) we are to ascribe all glory to God, in any thing we are able to do ,we are to give glory to God, this is how we can live as children of the light. Our goal should never be to bring recognition to ourselves, but to bring glory to God. 
     Conclusion :God will help us to be the women of  light and to brighten our environment.
    Prayer  Points.
    *       Light of God shine forth and destroy every darkness in my life, home ,ministry, business and career
    *       I call forth the light of God into my home to destroy every work of darkness.
    *       My father ,my father light of God let every evil  hand stretched forth against my life ,family, career, business and ministry wither by fire.
    *       Psalm 144:6: Light of God shoot your arrows to crush and destroy my adversaries who have vowed to paralyze my progress with outright delay now.

    *       Psalm 3:7: Light of God , Arise oh Lord and smite my enemies by the check bone.
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