Thursday, 30 November 2017

    Is your name written in the book of life: Mrs A.Akinyemiju

    It was an awesome ministration and was interactive.
    Theme: Is your name written in the book of life?
    Minister: Mummy A Akinyemiju
    Topic: The story of the ten virgins
    Text: Romans 13:8-14, Matthew 25:1-13.
    Are you preparing for the rapture?
    Are you ready?
    Be ready, Jesus is coming soon!
    Awake! Stop sleeping.
    1.         They were all chosen
    2.         They all have lamp. What makes the lamp to burn is oil and the oil is the Holy Spirit. Are you born again?
    3.         They were all purified (consecrated for God). How do you see yourself?
    You can’t get your satisfaction from any human being. The longing of your soul can only be satisfied by Jesus.
    Learn to walk with the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God in you building up the power of God in you (practical Christianity by the Holy Spirit).
    We can dry the Holy Spirit, He can leave us.
    1          Strife – fight/abuse.
    2          Lying.
    3          Disconnection from the Holy Spirit – doing your own things, doing your own permissive will and not the perfect will of God.
    4          Love of the world. James 4:4 something may not be sinful but might not be permitted by God for you. Walk with God and be His friend. Desire more of God, dedicate your life to the Lord and don’t take it back.
    5          Bitterness.
    1          Humility and obedience. Philippians 2:5. Live a life connected to the Holy Spirit, hear Him, obey Him and be full of Him. You are going to be lifted when you are humble. The way to deal with the devil is obedience and humility.
    2          Always be prepared. Be a vessel unto honor fit for the Master’s use.
    3          Being sensitive. Be connected to the Holy Spirit.
    4          Be Word full – full with the Word of God. Go beyond the morning devotion, study to show yourself approved.
    5          Have faith. 2 Peter 3:4-9
    6          Be prayerful. Be conscious of Heaven.
    7          Take responsibility for your spiritual growth.
    8          Be available for God’s use and service.
    In conclusion, the oil dries gradually.
    Sharpen your spiritual gifts in the place of prayer, worship and study of the Word of God.
    If the church is sleeping, don’t join the church to sleep.
    The church should allow you to grow.
    Are you growing spiritually?
    Do something before Jesus come, give oil to others – introduce them to Jesus and make them grow.
    What is the Lord asking you to do to touch lives positively?
    Let the Lord give you oil in your lamp to keep you burning till the break of day.
    I’m a new creation
     I’m a brand new man
     Old things are past away, I’m born again.
    More than a conquer  that’s who I am

     I’m a new  creation, I’m a brand new man.
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