Thursday, 14 September 2017

    Power to Overcome

    Minister : Rev Dr. Hinmikaiye

    Theme: Power to Overcome
    Collectively, Power was described as the ability to do things. ( Isaiah 54:3 and Isaiah 49:13)
    Power was being referenced as the tool to breakthrough and break forth, therefore there is need to demonstrate power in every aspect to challenge our enemy to bow before us (Exodus 15:6)
    Other reasons why we need power in our lives includes
    • Polluted Glory
    • Foundational Problems
    • Collective Captivity
    • Curses

    Power can therefore be gotten through the following means
    • Salvation
    • Focus on Christ
    • Rely on the holy spirit
    • Powerful prayers
    • Listen to the holy ghost
    • Have possibility in faith
    • Persistence
    • Humility
    • Revival
    • To be kingdom minded
    • Flexible in the hand of God

    In Conclusion , through all the means above, Power will be a blessing to us and we shall breakthrough and break forth as we dwell forth in these attributes of power in Jesus name.
    Note:  Be impeccable with your words because now you have the power to create…
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